Superb technical skills are just the beginning

We believe the most important of our skills is communication. We know communication in a friendly, timely, and effective manner is just as important as the knowledge and technologies we use to help you.

Our Managing Director is a qualified teacher, and values good relationships in business just as much as she did when she was an educator. She encourages a culture in which her team members explain things in plain English. Naturally, our developers keep up to date with the latest technological advances, as well as being able to support older technologies.

(Skills case studies coming soon - under construction)

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We are able to provide support for and develop systems in:

  • Languages

    • C#,
    • SQL
    • Java
    • Visual Basic
    • PHP
    • HTML, JS, CSS
    • C and C++
    • Ruby
    • Python
  • Databases

    • MS SQL Server
    • Oracle databases
    • MySQL
    • SQLite
    • MS Access
  • Health Related

    • PACS, RIS
    • HL7 & DICOM
  • Development Frameworks

    • .NET
    • Winforms/WPF
    • WCF
    • Reporting (Crystal/MS SSRS/Telerik)
    • Oracle Forms and Reports
    • Telerik Devcraft (UI)
    • Xamarin
  • Platforms

    • Microsoft Windows
    • Android, iOS
    • Linux
    • AMP (Apache MySQL PHP)
    • Oracle VirtualBox and VMWare ESXi
  • Integration

    • Inspect
    • SharePoint
    • Chris 21
    • Learning Seat
    • Best Practice
    • PACS, RIS
    • QGIS