About Inspect

Inspect  a powerful, configurable, mobile and user friendly software application to enable any type of inspections to be undertaken by any organisation. Inspection and monitoring processes can be time consuming, particularly processing outcomes. Inspect automates much of the process, creating more efficiencies for your organisation. New inspection and monitoring types can also be created in minutes by your administrator at no extra cost.

Inspect now has a dedicated website, for more information: inspect.zoodata.com.au

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Inspect will:

  • Save time and money

  • Reduce double handling

  • Provide a secure audit trail

  • Assist your statutory, regulatory and compliance regimes

  • Help you keep your community safe.

Key Features:

  • PC and tablet friendly

  • Caters for multiple inspection types at no extra cost

  • Automatic synching

  • Works offline where ever you are

  • Inspection history at your fingertips in the field

  • Capable of integrating with 3rd party systems

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Provides an overview of all inspections performed on a single entity

  • Changes to problems, actions, outcomes etc can be done immediately by your staff

  • Less reliance on development staff saves money

  • Court quality evidence

  • Standardised inspection processes will reduce staff training time.

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