Consultancy - we start by listening

Zoodata has been providing IT consulting services for more than 20 years. In that time we’ve worked with government, industry, and community groups to identify how we can make their service delivery systems work better.  We’re passionate about finding ways to make your working life easier and your data work more efficiently for you. Improving business processes and systems is what interests us most, and we offer a complete package of consulting services, from system and business analysis to project design and management.

We understand how confronting it can be for normal people to have to deal with IT professionals. Our consultants have been working with clients for years, and are all friendly and approachable. Our managing director and project manager come from backgrounds in teaching, and act as translators when the geek speak starts to flow.

IT Consulting and Project Management Services

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  • System & Business Analysis;
  • Systems Architecture & Design;
  • Reporting;
  • Business Stress Testing;
  • Systems Testing;
  • Training;
  • Project Feasibility Studies;
  • Project Planning & Design;
  • Project Management;
  • Project Performance Monitoring & Control; and
  • Project Closure, Evaluation, & Analysis.

Business Analyst Consulting and System Audits

  • Current Systems Review
  • High Level or Details Analysis of Requirements and Specifications
  • Organisational/Departmental Needs Analysis
  • Systems Documentation of current systems/databases
  • Identification and Mapping of current processes

Business Analyst Consulting – Analysis and Requirements of New System

  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Workflow and Process Re-engineering
  • Identification of common Axes, Identifiers and Linkage Attributes
  • Identification of Data Standardisation
  • Architecture design of new system (including Integrations)
  • Develop an overall specification document for the new system


We aim to simplify and automate business processes and to reduce service delivery costs. Almost as a side effect, your service quality will rise and the work you produce will become more enjoyable.

We’d love to help you achieve those goals.