System Integration

Could your business be more efficient?

If you are being frustrated by having to enter the same data into two or more systems then we may be able to help. We can develop integration mechanisms between systems, so two or more completely different systems are able to “talk” to each other.

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Recently we completed an integration between our own Inspect software and a local government’s bespoke SharePoint environment. We were also asked to enable Inspect to interact with the organisation’s internal Name and Address Register. Other examples of our integration work are:

  • A learning/course system and a HR/payroll system
  • A medical results system and a medical practice record system
  • PACS (Picture and Archival Communication System) and BreastScreen WA’s custom built business software


Integrations can reduce and/or eliminate double handling, improve consistency and overall integrity of your data, and streamline your business processes.

Need to take action?

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your potential integration needs. Phone: (08) 9485 0725.