The Data Jungle - Haunted Systems

The Data Jungle - Haunted Systems

Are your systems haunted?

Despite coming from a strong Scottish lineage I’m not a great fan of Halloween. I am however quite superstitious, firmly and irrationally believing IT systems are quite often out to get me.

Unfortunately, we at Zoodata have also witnessed businesses who don’t realise they should be frightened by hidden spectres in their systems. These could be in either hardware, software systems or both. We’ve seen it, had to deal with it, and prefer whenever possible to prevent the problems in the first place!

What do we mean by haunted?

Whilst it’s not our job to frighten people there are definitely times when this is necessary. Here are some of the things which make us want to shriek like banshees:

  • The lack of backups – how do you expect to retrieve valuable data if your system dies?

  • For bespoke systems, no separate test and production environments – do you know if fundamental changes will break or affect anything else?

  • No regular software updates – are you still living with old bugs which may hinder productivity?

  • Undocumented systems – how much will it cost for someone to learn how your systems tick … before they start working on them?

  • Undocumented business processes – how does a new person know what to do? How much time will it take them to get up to speed?

How do you prevent being haunted?

Developers like us love working with reliable and efficient network support people. Together we nurture and support your business, just as professionals such as doctors and teachers help you raise your children to be happy and healthy.

Although you may not realise it’s happening, your network support partner will work their magic behind the scenes, keeping your machinery / online environment purring happily. This enables us to do our job developing improvements you have requested without irritations caused by your technical environment.

Sadly, the first to go when businesses are tightening their budgets are these support services. If we are called in, much of our time (and your money) will be spent untangling technical issues or doing software updates. The IT environment, hardware and software, should be considered in the same way as cars – both need regular maintenance to ensure gremlins do not interfere with your plans.

If you need help to make your workplace less spooky, we are happy to have a no obligation chat with you. Contact: or phone: 9485 0725.