The Data Jungle - Decisions

The Data Jungle - Decisions

What are we talking about?

Each day we make thousands of decisions of varying complexity, from the time we wake until we drop off to sleep at night. I’m sure I’m not the only multi-tasker who wishes some decisions were automated for me, or preferably, made by someone else! Unfortunately, many decisions can only be made after careful consideration, further research, and in my case often a great deal of learning.

It was therefore quite exciting to be introduced to the real Decisions - a platform which enables non-technical people like me to:

  • Automate tasks which are currently done manually

  • Set up workflow processes

  • Automatically schedule daily activities

There are plenty of systems on the market which do some, but not all, the above. Nor can they integrate with a wide variety of 3rd party systems.

Decisions is the mortar which will hold together the bricks you use to build and run your business.

After a comprehensive research process and interrogating a suitable product for the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture our Technical Director recommended Decisions. As Andrew is rarely excited by any product, Zoodata is now proud to become Australia’s second Decisions reseller.

What can it do for you?

Business courses usually advocate working smarter not harder, but I suspect most people rarely achieve this. Our previous blogs discussed the importance of sensible workflows and integration to save time, money and stress.
Decisions requires no coding skills, so “normal” people like me can easily configure Decisions to suit individual and unique company requirements. Businesses with well-structured and documented processes in place should have little difficulty in implementing these in Decisions to:

  • Automatically review and validate documents for compliance purposes

  • Provide customer alerts and report by customer

  • Integrate with a wide range of third-party systems

If your business processes aren’t clearly established or documented our Business Analysts are available to assist, and/or can help you spring clean and streamline your existing practices.

Our recruiting process is now working in Decisions so I don’t have to remember what to do – which these days is a definite bonus! It includes integrations with internal and external systems, and is tailor made to include if – then rules such as:

  • Upload ad with inbuilt rules to Recruitment Site:

    • Don’t accept CV without a cover letter

    • Accept cover letter and CV sent to this address only

    • Don’t accept applications sent to Recruitment site address

  • Send alert if correct CV (two attachments) is received.

  • Decisions includes a series of automated emails to be sent at various stages throughout the recruiting process.

  • Evaluation forms

  • SharePoint integration so applications are automatically filed in the correct Docset

Automated culling and automated email responses save a lot of time.

If an applicant has been successful Decisions seamlessly moves to the Induction process, then to further processes to cater for their working life with us. Naturally staff members will need to make some decisions throughout each process, but the automated actions resulting from each decision point considerably reduces the time taken to complete each process. Can you afford to be less efficient than your competitors?

Where do you start? 

Big picture thinking coupled with a big picture platform like Decisions is definitely one of the best decisions we have made. It also aligns with our quality assurance requirements - particularly important for anyone who has or is contemplating ISO certification; or is subject to regular process audits.

Implementing processes in Decisions has meant anyone (including less senior staff) can undertake them with little or no training. As Decisions will make life easier for everyone, I am already contemplating my next holiday! Are you?

If you are interested in learning more about Decisions contact us for a no obligation chat or to organise a demonstration. Phone: 9485 0725 or email: