The Data Jungle - Support Your Business Processes

The Data Jungle - Support Your Business Processes

Who am I?
Many of you will know I don’t come from an IT background, and often tell people I went to school before the calculator was invented. As a graduate teacher my first teaching job involved visiting 18 schools and travelling about 300 km each week. No-one provided me with any instructions, useful advice or business processes to follow. It was a daunting experience I never forgot, and I vowed to help new graduates from then on. Being a peripatetic instrumental music teacher was a fantastic job, taught me time management, equipped me with exceptional organisational skills and above all the importance of clear and sensible work instructions and processes.

Being from an older generation I have often been in awe of the magic our development team can create using technology. Even more awesome has been seeing the transformation code written by developers can bring to ordinary people in their business lives.

Although I didn’t have access to the amazing array of technology available to teachers today, I am eternally grateful my background and experiences influence every discussion I have with clients.

What is my point?
During a visit to a rural council I was aghast to discover the newly graduated environmental health officer had inherited a role with almost no processes, guidance or instructions in place to help her job. She was forced to start from scratch and spend a tremendous amount of time documenting existing conditions and developing and refining business processes before implementing any of them. Inspections were therefore laborious, time consuming, or not done at all. Although valuable for the EHO it is not valuable for the business.

How many times has your business reinvented the wheel when a new person arrives and wants to put their stamp on their role? Naturally this is important in many cases, but it can also be quite turbulent and often unnecessary.

Designed to help people automate their inspection processes Inspect is an example of technology adding value to an organisation. We deliberately designed it to support an organisation’s standardised business processes. If you have found a tool to standardise your processes disruption will be largely eliminated, and energies can be beneficially channelled into other areas. 

What are the benefits?

Standardising business processes will:

  • Save time and money

  • Allow new staff to easily and quickly follow your processes, potentially with minimal training

  • Casual, contact or seasonal staff can be hired cost effectively by providing standardised processes

  • Improve compliance

  • Provide certainty and a happier team

  • Potentially give you the edge on your competitors

There is a wide range of platforms on the market to suit your business needs. If you don’t know where to start, digital consultancies such as Zoodata can help you find the right one. Typically, we begin by learning about your current processes, identifying gaps, identifying your potential needs / wish list, then undertaking market research to shortlist several platforms which may suit your requirements. We can also help you install and configure the new system to minimise disruption to your workforce.

If you need help to make your workplace a happier place, we are happy to have a no obligation chat with you. Contact: or phone: 9485 0725.