The Data Jungle - Will It Work For Me?

The Data Jungle - Will It Work For Me?

Both Bastille Day and Independence Day were observed this month, and I couldn’t help drawing parallels at Zoodata.

Will it work for you?

Because Zoodata is not your average software development company, everyone here is expected and trained to see the “big picture” when working with clients. This included our recent Business Analyst interns, who had to be taught to think independently. They were required to meet clients and find answers to these questions:

  • What (do they do)
  • Why (are they doing this)
  • How (do they want to change in the future)

These are also vital questions clients should ask about us and the software we develop together. Delighting clients with It Works for Me software requires discipline, hard work, and is a direct result of gathering answers to the above questions at least. The same discipline applies to the working relationships we want to foster. Anyone about to or currently working with an IT team should be asking: Will they work for me? and Are these people listening to my concerns and wishes?

Our development process also requires a lot of trust and respect. We demand regular feedback, and don’t shy away from criticisms. Clients and interns are usually startled to hear developers delighted when bugs are found. Finding bugs means people are testing the software in ways developers wouldn’t think of - making sure it WILL work for them.

We suggest asking other important questions…

What difference will it make?

What difference will it make?

Our clients are experts at their jobs, but may not realise their working lives can be made easier in many cases through appropriate technology. It is our job to identify points for improvement, introduce you to opportunities for beneficial change, develop solutions, and integrate with existing software systems. We want clients to ask What if? And to keep asking questions until they can definitely answer: Yes, It Will Work For Me!

Our clients are independent hardworking people, and don’t want software disrupting their working lives. We believe software should make a difference because:

  • It saves time
  • It stops us having to fill in wads of paperwork with the same data
  • It is effortless - running in the background, making data easily available when needed
  • It empowers others – who can retrieve information, with their own criteria and reporting requirements, and not have to bother us to do it.
  • It increases professionalism and my/our business image

What impact will your collaboratively developed software have on you and your business? Will it have a positive impact on your organisation, or for your community?

What should you expect?

Sensible software inevitably leads to a better working life. It may free up time to attend to neglected tasks, and enable you to plan further improvements in your business. Other spinoffs are happier staff, healthier communication mechanisms, and more informed decision making.

When working with us you should expect to be as vital to the development process as the developers who write the code and deliver it to you. You can expect to be challenged to think about an ideal future, then expect us to assist with turning your vision into reality.
A long-time Zoodata client remarked: We like you guys - you work with us to give us stuff we will use. We expect all our clients will say the same after working with us.

And Bastille Day? I love a challenge, but admit changing existing mindsets was as confronting as storming the Bastille. However, we know interns are clamouring to join Zoodata. Not only will they gain valuable professional skills and experience, but can also testify our development team is passionate about using their skills to help the working lives of others. 

If, like our interns, you want our inspirational team to help improve your working life, please don’t hesitate to contact us: Phone 9485 0725 or Email:

Robyn Hukin
Managing Director, Zoodata