The Data Jungle - Fighting Spirit

The Data Jungle - Fighting Spirit

Where have we been?

My grandfather Peter Doig captured 1,000 Turks without firing a shot, earning him a Military Cross. Prior to re-joining the 10th Light Horse, he spent most of his World War 1 service in the Imperial Camel Corps in the middle east. His younger brother Colin was incommunicado for 18 months when serving in the 2/2 Commandos in Timor in World War 2, nearly dying of pleurisy and Black Water Fever. He owed his life to Timorese who for three days carried him over mountains to reach medical help. 

Both men were tenacious never give up people, and fortunately I appear to have inherited similar traits.

You may have noticed our website was down for some time, courtesy of poor business practices by the website development and hosting company, Sushi Digital. Unfortunately, 6 weeks after it went down, we were told our website could not be recovered.

What’s new at Zoodata?

The death of the Zoodata website has meant we had to find a simple to use, cost effective and quick solution to create a new one. Our wonderful team are not website developers, but they are extremely clever and exceptional problem solvers. In between his other tasks one of them salvaged an older version of the website found on the not for profit Internet Archive, a digital library of internet sites and cultural artifacts. Once the correct file type was selected he used a tool called Wayback Machine to restore the latest archived version of our old site, albeit with limited functionality.

Within a week our team had worked their magic to recreate the original look and feel and launch the new website on SquareSpace. Unlike our previous hosting environment our website is now being safely backed up, secure, and the software is regularly and automatically updated. Being non-technical I am thrilled with the result, and find SquareSpace more user friendly than the previous website’s backend. Previously I used SquareSpace to build a website for my local concert band.

What else have we been doing?

Over Easter I spent 10 days in Canberra, and can attest to it being one of the most liveable cities in the world. I was also able to catch up with our Oakton, Dimension Data and MarkLogic associates. During conversations with them I learnt of a wide range of inspections undertaken in our communities by Commonwealth Government Departments such as Defence, Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and the Department of Environment and Energy (DEE). Most inspections are still paper based, time consuming and don’t provide a secure audit trail.

As Anzac Day approaches I am ever mindful of the legacy inherited from Peter and Colin Doig. Both men served their communities in various ways for most of their lives, and I have tried to do the same. They have been powerful role models, and I will always remember them.

Naturally we are not in the same league as those who represented our country during times of conflict, however the Zoodata team is passionate about serving our clients and their communities to the best of their ability. Our team created Inspect in collaboration with people tasked with keeping their communities and workplaces safe.

If you need help keeping your community or workplace safe or in making your business systems become more efficient, please contact us: Ph 9485 0725 or Email: 

Robyn Hukin, Managing Director