Thanks for your patience

After a stressful couple of months without a website, we have just launched our new one. Some pages are still under construction, so we thank you for your patience. 

It took Sushi Digital two weeks to notify clients they had lost our websites. It took our clients and friends two days to let us know our site was no longer working. Whilst it has been an exceptionally stressful time, it has reinforced to us why our clients love us. We do provide them with exceptional service, have an excellent communication channel, and do our best at all times to keep everyone happy. Unfortunately we have never been able to say the same of our previous web host. 

Another positive to arise from this unfortunately period has been the decision to take back control of our website and develop it in SquareSpace. Not only is it relatively flexible and easy to use, we can be assured of proper backups and security for our new website. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.