Let’s get to know each other better

We are an IT company specialised in on-site database support and system development for the WA health, local government and corporate sectors. Our services and products make your service delivery system stable, fast and friendly. As well as being a Western Australian Local Government (WALGA) Preferred Supplier, we also happen to be an accredited ICT service provider to the Western Australian State Government under the CUA 14008.

Our beliefs

We have three core beliefs that have guided us since 1996:

  • 1. Face to face customer involvement in the development process is critical
  • 2. The best results come from honest, long term relationships
  • 3. We need to actively listen to what our customers say they want

Some other things that make us special

Firstly, we are client oriented. We use a development method called Agile, which ensures we involve our clients every step of the way. We make sure that the work we do exactly fits the needs of our clients and makes a real difference.

Secondly, our developers, project managers, and consultants are approachable. We’re not too geeky, we don’t speak in code, and we try to avoid corporate gobbledygook as much as we can. We’re interested, first and foremost, in making your business better and we understand we can’t achieve that without building a real relationship with you.

Finally, all of our developers are based in-house. Unlike many IT firms we don’t believe in chopping and changing our staff or dealing with body shops. When we recruit somebody they join the Zoodata family. We believe this promotes consistency, quality and a good long term relationship between our developers and clients.

Our history

This is the story of how, from our roots as a small two-man backyard IT consultancy, we have grown into what we are today.

Our first Managing Director Andrew Hukin began his working life in 1983, employed as an senior IT manager for various Western Australian State Government departments. In 1996 he decided that life would be better if he was his own boss, and founded his own IT consultancy partnership – Two’s Complement Computing.

His previous experience gave him a unique insight into the needs of government agencies and his services were much sought after. In 2006 the original partnership became a company, Two’s Complement Computing Pty Ltd (2CC).

The following year we moved from the suburbs to our new office in the Perth CBD. Over the years 2CC grew into a tight knit and enthusiastic team.

In January 2013 Robyn Hukin took on the role of Managing Director of 2CC, with Andrew as Technical Director. In 2014 we chose to completely rebrand and, after great debate, changed our name to Zoodata.

We now work in both the public and private sector, and pride ourselves on personal service of the highest quality.