Who are we?

Zoodata is a long-standing full-service Digital consultancy with over twenty-one years of continuous experience, working particularly with all tiers of Australian government. We specialize in delivering mission critical business outcomes on time and budget. Our services include architectural design, application and database development and support, systems integration, data migration either in-house or in the cloud.

We are also an industry-leading inspection solution provider and certified Microsoft Silver Partner.

Things that make us special!

We have three core beliefs that have guided us since 1996:

  • Face to face customer involvement in the development process is critical
  • The best results come from honest, long-term relationships
  • We need to actively listen to what our customers say they want

Firstly, we are client oriented. We use a development method called Agile, which ensures we involve our clients every step of the way. We make sure that the work we do exactly fits the needs of our clients and makes a real difference.

Secondly, our developers, project managers, and consultants are approachable. We’re not too geeky, we don’t speak in code, and we try to avoid corporate gobbledygook as much as we can. We’re interested, first and foremost, in making your business better and we understand we can’t achieve that without building a real relationship with you.

Finally, all of our developers are based in-house. Unlike many IT firms we don’t believe in chopping and changing our staff or dealing with body shops. When we recruit somebody they join the Zoodata family. We believe this promotes consistency, quality and a good long term relationship between our developers and clients.


Robyn Hukin - Managing Director
Robyn has spent most of her working life building strong and exciting teams. She has solid interpersonal skills developed initially in the teaching sector, and which have proved invaluable in Information Technology.

She is particularly adept at identifying issues to be resolved, then developing and implementing strategies to solve them. She has been working with a range of people for over 35 years and never tires of helping them reach their full potential. Renowned for being forthright she has spearheaded the creation of trusted relationships by speaking plain English, not technical speak. This makes Zoodata unusual in the world of IT!


Andrew Hukin - Technical Director
Andrew has over 35 years’ experience providing database design and implementation, architecting and delivering complex solutions in a variety of technologies. He is a strong advocate of collaborative development (Agile), new and emerging DevOps and delivery enhancement tools and methodologies.

His technical and domain expertise in health IT and reputation for integrity and excellence has earned him a large and loyal client base in several sectors.