Fit for purpose data

healthWe have more than twenty years of experience in Health IT. Why? Because health data can be very unfriendly and we love a challenge. We currently have teams taming data in several branches of the public health sector.

We use technologies specific to public health like DICOM, ClearCanvas, PACS, and RIS to make sure our clients’ data is secure and easy to work with. Our solutions are in compliance with health data management standards such as HL7 so that our clients’ many different systems work together without a hitch.

As you would expect, we are an accredited ICT service provider to the Western Australian State Government under CUA ICT2015, and a member of HL7 Australia.

Customer success stories

Cervical Cytology Registry

Cervical Cytology Registry - Western Australian Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

Originally, there were many different systems to manage data related to cervical cancer screening, and most of them didn’t talk to each other. It was expensive and inefficient. We developed an integrated, responsive Cervical Cytology Register, which would provide administration and patient services that were easy to use and cheap to run.

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Monitoring of Drugs of Dependence System

Monitoring of Drugs of Dependence System - Pharmaceutical Services Branch

Their IT system was built in-house, and monitored prescriptions, licenses, and registrations of controlled medications and poisons in Western Australia. It was outdated and the source code was not available. We recreated the system from scratch, made it friendlier, and provide ongoing support. This has reduced the cost and risk of managing drugs of dependence in WA.

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Digital Mammography Screening Register - BreastScreen WA

We replaced their unfriendly legacy systems with an integrated Digital Mammography Screening Register that has reduced both the cost and the time required to perform digital mammography screening, at every step of the process. It also increased the integrity of the data and its ease of transfer around WA.

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