We know you are expected to do more and more with less resources, so let us help you.

Zoodata Inspect will help your organisation work more efficiently when conducting inspection and monitoring activities.

While this doesn’t sound sexy, the inspections  undertaken by many organisations DO save lives:

  • Firebreak inspections save houses and property; and save the lives of firefighters
  • Swimming pool inspections prevent small children drowning in pools
  • Food assessments prevent us from getting sick as a result of food poisoning

Zoodata Inspect reduces double handling, saves time and money, provides a secure audit trail, assists your compliance regimes and helps you keep you and your community safe. New inspection and monitoring types can be created in minutes by your administrative staff for no extra cost.

Our friendly staff are always interested in learning how Zoodata Inspect can be used, so would love to hear from you.

 Key Features of Zoodata Inspect

  • PC and tablet friendly
  • Caters for multiple inspection types
  • Automatic sync
  • Pre-filled forms
  • Automatic mail merge
  • Data integrity: Less risk of corruption, court quality evidence and audit trail
  • Built for compliance with government regulations

Advantages for organisations using Zoodata Inspect

  • All departments can use the same software for all inspection and monitoring activities for the same outlay
  • There is no need to purchase individual inspection modules such as firebreak, AFSA, animal registrations or swimming pools
  • Because the system is configurable your staff can change problems, actions, outcomes and notification letters themselves without having to pay software developers to do this
  • It is capable of integrating with 3rd party systems
  • Our support and development teams are user friendly and speak plain English!


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